Childrens Dental Care Sedation DentistryLittle Sprouts Dental is proud to offer a caring and skilled environment focused on the unique needs of children. One service that greatly helps a child have the best experience possible is oral sedation dentistry. Dr. Langewisch and the full staff at Little Sprouts Dental are specifically trained in safe, modern sedation techniques and emergency preparedness.

Oral sedation dentistry at Little Sprouts Dental is a great choice for young children who may not be mature enough to cooperate on their own, anxious or fearful children, or children who have extensive treatment needs. Often times, oral sedation dentistry prevents missed school for a child and missed work for a parent by allowing quality, comprehensive dental treatment to be completed in fewer visits. While your child will be awake and responsive during treatment under sedation, your child will have little to no memory of the experience. Once again our goal is to create the best possible environment for your child and to help him or her grow up feeling confident about going to the dentist.

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