Caries (Cavity) Risk Assessment

As part of our ongoing effort to provide your child with the best care possible, our office is

committed to diagnosing and treating oral conditions, including cavities, as early as possible.

Cavities can occur in children of all ages. Many factors, such as tooth decay in the past or

frequent eating and drinking of items high in sugar or acid, can put your child at higher risk for

tooth decay. With early diagnosis and treatment, the damage to their teeth can be minimized.

There are products we can use in the office or you can use at home to better help your child win

the fight against tooth decay.

During your child’s visit to our office, the Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant will complete a

short form with you. You will be asked a few questions about your child’s oral hygiene habits,

food consumption, current health status, and oral history. This will help us accurately assess your

child’s risk for cavities and determine the most appropriate course of treatment for them. Our

goal is to help your child minimize tooth decay.

At the end of the appointment, the Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant will review their findings

with you. These findings will include how susceptible your child is to getting cavities and

recommendations on what you and your child can do at home to help prevent your child from

getting future cavities.