childrens dental care child with toothbrush

We at Little Sprouts Dental understand that many aspects of health care, even when supported by science and experience, are controversial. One example is the application of protective fluoride. We believe in your right to choose what you feel is best for your child’s health, and we will do our part to help you understand the benefits and risks of fluoride treatments at the dental office and its use at home. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that is added to many municipal water systems but also occurs in varying amounts in well water and other non-treated sources. Fluoride not only strengthens teeth to prevent cavities, it also repairs minimally-damaged portions of teeth that would otherwise become full-fledged cavities. Amazingly, fluoride also kills the specific bacteria that cause cavities. When used properly and in moderation, fluoride is a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to promote dental health. We at Little Sprouts Dental welcome the opportunity to teach you and your children safe and healthy fluoride habits.