Missing School

Childrens Dental Care Missing School PoliciesGoing to the dentist is an excused absence in Wisconsin. To ensure the best possible experience for your child, young children and school-aged children alike are best served by morning appointments, when they are fresh and best able to cope with the experience. While after-school appointments are available at Little Sprouts Dental, it is best to set your child up for success by avoiding times during which your child may be tired, cranky, or worn-out from a full day of school or other activities. Similarly, nap time is not a good time to visit! As parents ourselves, we understand the difficulties and scheduling challenges that are faced by the busy parent. We will work with you to find a time for your child’s dental care that will serve your child’s best interests while being sensitive to your schedule. We share the concern that children should not miss school needlessly. A healthy diet, good oral hygiene practices, and visiting Little Sprouts Dental for regular checkups and needed care at the earliest stage possible are the best ways to avoid missing greater amounts of school due to toothaches and other emergency dental problems that typically require multiple visits and more complex procedures to remedy.